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Little Shabby Shop

1809 Central Blvd  78520 (956) 335-9246

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Little Shabby Shop

   1809 Central Blvd

Brownsville, TX 78520

    (956) 335-9246


  A Wonderful Antique

Shopping Experience


All Things Shabby Chic

       and Beautiful


 Antiques  Collectibles

     Vintage  Gifts



Vintage Wonderland

Now Selling Online  daisyheartsmartinez@gmail.com

View Online & Give Us A Call: (956) 521-8748

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Heaven Sent Creations

Plaza 4 Perlas Ste-A

615 Villa Maria Blvd Ste-A 78520 (956) 346-1628

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Hopes & Dreams Collectibles

New Location:

104 E Ocean Blvd  (956) 254-2035

Los Fresnos, Texas 78566   facebook 




210A Palm Blvd 78520 (956)204-4345

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Mel's Antiques & Collectibles

7501 N Expy 77  Olmito, TX 78575 (956)350-3131

Open Fri-Sat-Sun  10am-5pm  facebook



Repeat Boutique

1809 Central Blvd 78520 (956) 541-7111

facebook    Brownsville.org

Repeat Boutique

Upscale Consignment

   & Resale Shoppe

A Wonderful Shopping

Experience Since 2002


 Unique Wardrobe

Costumes & Shoes

 Antiques  Vintage

   & Modern Items

   Ladies Fashions


Come Shop, Relax

      & Distress



For Your Information


The Vintage Furniture
1018 E Washington St  78520 (956) 639-6197

Downtown Brownsville  Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

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