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by Lily Castillo Bisuteria Fina y Algo Mas

Handcrafted Ladies Items • Custom Jewelry • Beauty Consultant

74 S Price Rd (Behind Subway) 78520 (956) 372-7515

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Hopes & Dreams Collectibles

Plaza 4 Perlas Ste-C

615 Villa Maria Blvd Ste-C  78520 (956) 525-3180

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Family Owned & Operated - Serving The Valley Since 2013

210A Palm Blvd 78520 (956) 204-4345

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Discover Hidden Treasure

 From Around The World



All Items Available For Purchase
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Leanne's Closet

Mexico Blvd Flea Market  Ste-362

1045 Mexico Blvd 78520  (956) 243-3534
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Mimi's Boutique & Collectibles

Mexico Blvd Flea Market  Ste-157

1045 Mexico Blvd 78520  (956) 203-7910
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The Prettiest Door in Town by Marigel Pizaña

15 E Jefferson St  78520  Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

(956) 518-7143  marigel74@yahoo.com

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Tita's Distinctive Gifts

Vintage Misc • Handcrafted, Custom, & Parklane Jewelry
Mexico Blvd Flea Market  Ste-356
1045 Mexico Blvd  78520 (956) 266-4701  View Our Products

D I S T I N C T I V E    G I F T S       

Wedding & Quinceañera Center


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