RioXP is an Online Business Directory & Shopping Guide

designed to help promote and market small businesses, their unique products, excellent services, fabulous cuisine, and the wonderful communities they serve.


"Working Together To Improve Our Community."


We Provide Low-Cost, Internet Platforms Specifically Designed

To Help Small Businesses Succeed in The Rio Grande Valley.


RioXP offers extremely affordable, online advertising & marketing tools for Businesses and Restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley. Together with the continuous support of over 100,000 Annual Visitors, Advertisers, Content Managers, Partners, and Sponsors, we are building bridges between an endless array of local treasures and those interested in Tasting, XPloring, and XPeriencing the wonders of the Rio Grande Valley.


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Why Choose RioXP?


1. We Hold Top Listings in All Search Engines (SEO)

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, etc.


2. We Have Over 100,000 Annual Visitors

Current Total Visitors - Over 367,000


3. We Have Over 2,000 Local Listings

Restaurants, Businesses, Services, City Information


4. We Are The Only Multi-Platform Network

That Provides Online Advertising For $1 a Week


5. We Have Information in Both English & Spanish

w/Bi-Lingual Categories - Easy to Use & Understand


6. Our Target Demographics

Focus EXCLUSIVELY on The Rio Grande Valley


7. We Use Window Stickers To Help Promote Our Platforms


8. We Use Table or Counter Displays in Businesses & Restaurants To Help Promote Our Platforms


9. We Use Flyers To Help Promote Our Platforms


10. We Use Social Media To Help Promote Our Platforms


11. We Use Online Games To Help Promote Our Platforms


12. Your Business Appears in Multiple Platforms and Multiple Categories for the Same Price.


To Get Your Business Listed On RioXP

Simply Use Our "Add to cart" Button Below

and We'll Do The Rest!


RioXP Membership
50.00 USD

Our web designers will create your business ad, list it in multiple platforms (in the city of your choice), and provide links to your existing social media all for a low fee of only $50 per year. *Offer Available Exclusively To Businesses & Restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley.


Q. Is there another method of joinging RioXP without using a credit card?


A. Yes. Just send a text via (956) 545-3980 and request that your business be added to RioXP in the City of Your Choice and we’ll create your business ad, list it in multiple platforms, and provide links to your existing social media accounts all for a low fee of only $50 per year. Join Today!

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