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Business Owners - Don't let your message go unheard!  We research your niche market and convert innovative ideas into low-cost and effective local advertising. Since its founding in late 2014, RioXP has been developing Award-Winning Advertising Strategies in the areas of  INNOVATIVE ADVERTISING, BUSINESS RECOGNITION, AND MEMORABLE MARKETING. We have made it our mission to help enrich our community by consistently developing marketing strategies and executing them with low-cost, innovative, and effective media campaigns.


RioXP provides:

  • Creative & Innovative Low-Cost Marketing Solutions
  • Expert Management & Marketing Strategies
  • Dedicated, Talented, & Innovative Team of Specialists
  • Enduring, Memorable, and Award-Winning Media Campaigns



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Business Owner - Become a Basic RioXP Business Club Member and Our Team of Award-Winning Computer Graphic Designers will create Your Unique Business Ad, List it on Multiple Categories, and Provide Links to your existing Social Media... all for a Low Membership Fee of only $50 per year.  That's less than $1 a week!


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That's Our RioXP Guarantee!  "There's nothing like it on the planet."

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Official Report - 86,540 Local Consumers were looking for Products and Services in RioXP.com during 2016. That's an average of over 7,200 Monthly Local Visitors.  Will they find your Products or Services in 2017?  Become a RioXP Member Today!




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You Type In What You Want To Find & Near What City

The Rio Grande Valley XPerience


RioXP.com was founded by an innovative, award-winning computer graphic designer from the Rio Grande Valley.  His quest: To create an Easy-to-Use, One-Touch Online Business Directory and Shopping Guide to help answer one simple, yet extremely complex, question: Where can I find what I'm looking for?  All of the directories and guides of 2014 seemed to resemble the old "blind leading the blind" analogy. There had to be a better way, a new and innovative solution to our never-ending quest to find what, at times, we're not even sure we're looking for.


As mentioned previously, during RioXP's endless construction, it's very important that we provide open access and allow continuous use of each of our sites.  We are proud of every stage of our work, every business, and every attraction that we feature in RioXP.  And perhaps to some, our efforts may resemble Henry Ford's 1908 Model T, but that's exactly what we want: a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use system that focuses entirely on the implementation of strategically placed links, websites, webpages and other online marketing tools designed to help consumers XPlore and XPerience a wide array of restaurants, businesses, services, and information relevant to the city of their choice.


Inevitably, we're at the forefront of a new direction in advertising, a step up from the old horse drawn carriage, and we hope that you will continue to join us as we visit interesting places and XPerience some extraordinarily delicious delights along the way.


Again, thank you for visiting RioXP.com, The Valley's Premier Online Business Directory and Shopping Guide.  We would like to extend a warm invitation to all of our friends from around the state, the country, and the world; the doors to our "Texas Paradise" are always open.


Come XPerience the Beauty of the Rio Grande Valley!



Fred - RioXP Director of Operations 




Our Mission is to Help Enrich Local Communities by Providing Low-Cost Marketing & Advertising Stratigies to RioXP Business Club Members Valley wide. 

Together with the continuous support of our Visitors, Members, Sponsors, and Partners we are building bridges between an endless array of local treasures and those interested in XPloring and XPeriencing The Beauty of the Rio Grande Valley.


Thank you for your support.

David - RioXP Founder

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