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Our Mission is to Showcase Businesses, their unique products, excellent services, fabulous cuisine, and the wonderful communities that they serve.

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Since its debut on January 1, 2015, The RioXP Business Network has been developing Award-Winning Strategies in the areas of:







We consistently offer helpful online resources, as well as, award-winning advertising & marketing platforms, and execute them with innovative and effective online digital media campaigns.


RioXP provides:

  • Creative & Innovative Online Advertising
  • Expert Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Online Business Tools & Resources
  • An Innovative, Dedicated, and Talented Team of Specialists
  • Enduring, Memorable, and Award-Winning Media Campaigns

Businesses & Restaurants

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Join The RioXP Business Network and our digital designers will create your RioXP Business Ad, list it in the city of your choice, and provide links to your existing social media all for just $3 a month!

How do I get my small business advertised daily on the RioXP Business Network?


It's easy! Just click or tap on LOW-COST ADVERTISING below and choose the Membership Level that's right for you. Then, we'll contact you via e-mail and design your ad. You'll always receive our price lock guarantee and you can cancel or upgrade anytime!

XPerience The Wonders.

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